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We offer a unique range of services providing you, your colleagues and organisation with appropriate and cost effective solutions for training and development.

Through our work with customers and partners including DKFZ, EMBL, Universität Heidelberg, Springer Verlag and AbbVie we have developed a set of seriously effective workshops which have helped hundreds of professionals in the region.

From technical training to soft skills our diverse range of workshops is designed to help you develop your individual, team or organisation's skills.


"In-house or hosted at the TechPark our specialised workshops are highly effective"

Ciaran Behan

Managing Director

We have developed hugely enjoyable, challenging and creative team building events designed to bring any group or organisation closer together.


"Always great fun and dynamic but seriously effective in bringing your team together"

Steve Christopher

Director of Training

Individual language and soft skills training are combined with practical work based exercises to optimise the learning experience.


"Practical and personalised communication training for busy life science professionals"

Ciaran Behan

Managing Director

Our translation and P.R. service combines high quality translation with professional editorial skills to help you communicate your message.


"Translate the message

Adapt the message

Communicate the message"

Steve Christopher

Director of Training

"Our agile approach and our network of highly experienced trainers allow us to offer an unprecedented range of services to help you, your colleagues and organisation find appropriate and cost-effective training solutions."

"We can help you with

Agility based Advancement"

Ciaran Behan


"We've got solutions for all your communications problems"

Steve Christopher

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