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We offer a comprehensive range of specialised workshops.

We have also developed a set of flexible and modular workshop series for fundamental communication needs.



The Course Resource Functional Scientific Writing workshop series has been created to improve the writing skills of scientists working within life sciences, academia, research and publishing.

The three half-day workshops help participants:

  • Kickstart the writing process
  • Organise Writing Tasks Efficiently
  • Establish Writing Strategies
  • Optimise their English for Scientific Writing
  • Develop Vital Editorial Skills

As well as learning new techniques for writing, participants have the opportunity to use these skills working on their own texts, abstracts, papers or drafts.

By using the editorial skills learned during the workshops and receiving constructive trainer and peer feedback, participants will be able to increase the effectiveness of their scientific writing for a range of functions.



The Course Resource 3D Printing 4U workshop series has been created for anyone who is interested in the creativity and flexibility that 3D Printing technology can bring to their workplace.

Our hands-on 3D Printing 4U Kickstarter consists of:

  • Introduction to 3D Printing Technology
  • Four Practical Workshop Modules
  • Your very own 3D Printer
  • Ongoing 3D Printing Support

During the workshops, participants work as teams learning about and then building their own 3D Printer from kit to fully functioning system. This highly practical Kickstarter is designed to break down technical barriers so that participants get to know their 3D printer intimately, enabling them to set up, use, maintain and even customise it.

This is ideal for researchers who would like to walk away with their own 3D Printer, bringing prototyping, modeling and visualisation capabilities back to the lab.




The Course Resource PECT modules have been created to meet the communication needs of non-native English speakers working within life sciences, academia, research and publishing.

Four modules focus on the most important aspects of professional communication:

Corresponding - Telephoning - Presenting - Negotiating

In the collaborative, interdisciplinary and multicultural life science environment, context affects communication profoundly.

We have therefore developed a fifth and fundamental module that develops flexibility and adaption in communication:

Intercultural Awareness

This series is designed to help non-native English speakers to develop and adapt their practical professional English skills appropriately.




The Course Resource ECG modules have been created to dramatically improve communication skills of non-native German speakers who interact with German colleagues, collaborators, customers and service providers.

A four part series of half-day workshop modules covering:

  • Perspectives on Perception - self awareness vs. perceived presence
  • Rhetoric - inform, persuade and motivate in German
  • Body Language - show confidence, nonverbal communication
  • Pronunciation and Intonation - including voice and elocution training

This course will build confidence, enabling better integration into a German professional environment.

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