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Location, Location, Location

Course Resource's relocation to the Heidelberg TechPark campus brings a centralised training resource directly to the heart of life sciences in Heidelberg.

"Continuing on through this really exciting year," says Managing Director Ciaran Behan, "we're delighted to have found a location ideal for the company's needs and really perfect for our customers."

Dedicated to servicing the training needs of life science professionals, the new TechPark location gives the innovative training company the opportunity to 'spread the word' and start supporting the many startups who have already located themselves at this growing cluster zone of excellence.

"It seems like a natural move, and one which solves many of the HR problems for small start ups and established institutions alike,"explains Steve Christopher, Director of Training. "Our customers now have a centralised resource for training solutions, removing the need for them to find trainers and suitable venues, plan travel and worry about minimum numbers of participants."

"The renovation of the conference facilities is a dream come true," continues Ciaran, "and to be able to offer our customers workshops and seminars within walking distance has enormous benefits for all of us."

Course Resource, now in their third year, have grown their business by focusing on tailored courses and workshops for life science professionals working in academia, research, industry and publishing in the Rhein Neckar Kreis.

"It's fantastic to be at the heart of life sciences in the region," says Steve, "right where our existing customer base is and hopefully our future partners too."

Giving Customers the Blues

When Course Resource were asked to provide some team building services for AbbVie, the large life science company in Ludwigshafen, that's exactly what they did.

"One of those crazy ideas that just might work," says Steve Christopher. "Take 12 completely non-musical scientists and administrators and turn them into the Rhein Neckar Delta's newest blues combo overnight."


Located at Heidelberg's famous Cave 54, this two day event turned out to be the perfect mix of fun and some seriously effective team building.


"Music is a great way to bring people together," explains Ciaran. "Bringing non-musicians into a highly creative and rock'n'roll environment soon broke down barriers."


The team building event gave participants the challenge of writing lyrics together, learning the basics of electric guitar, blues harmonica, ukulele and bass and of course composing the blues.


"It's all pretty simple when you break the elements down and sip a bourbon whisky," laughs Steve.


With the help of some highly experienced local music trainers and the atmosphere of the Cave54 it all came together.


"How could it fail when you're literally standing on a stage in the footsteps of Ella Fitzgerald and Dizzy Gillespie?" says Ciaran.


Participants stayed overnight at the KulturBrauerie, also located in Heidelberg's old town and were treated to a highly informative beer tasting at the end of a hard day's night jamming.


"That also helped participants lose their inhibitions," chuckles Steve.


By day two, the band were ready to perform their masterpiece and took to the stage in the Cave54.

With some guidance from our trainers and help from the sound engineers they recorded their track and were able to walk away with their first ever company song.

"It was even more successful than we dared dream. The only complaint was about the Blues Burger we organised at a local gourmet burger bar. Too big!" smiles Ciaran.


Course Resource offer innovative team building events like Blues Band For a Day and Team Hollywood

Slam Dunk

As part of the DKFZ anniversary celebrations 2014, PhD students were encouraged to slam their science.

Science communication is our thing and we were delighted to coach the enthusiastic DKFZ entrants on slamming their science in front of an appreciative audience.

Inspired 3D Thinking

"We've always aimed to find ways to add a social element to the work we do," explains Ciaran Behan, Managing Director of Course Resource. "I've always had a geeky side to my nature, and started getting involved in the DAI Makers Space during its inception this year. 3D printing was something I've been personally interested in for a while now and this exciting initiative by the guys at the DAI gave me a chance to finally explore this interest."


Through a chance encounter with teachers from the Blind School in Ilvesheim, Ciaran quickly saw a way to not only develop this interest but also put his experience to good use.

"Over a cup of coffee, it became quickly apparent that 3D printing technology could have an enormously practical value for the guys at the blind school."


Known as Tactile Graphics, students and teachers at the blind school have been using three dimensional tools to help teach geometry -a challenge for blind students particularly for those who have never had the ability to see.


"3D printing allows the cost effective production of these customised tactile graphics. A chat with Steve at the company resulted in a Course Resource donation of 3D printer kits to the DAI and project took off."


It didn't end there. The third dimension to the 3D project encouraged the involvement of a group of asylum seekers based at the Patton barracks in Heidelberg.


"Here were a bunch of interested guys not only willing to give their skills to the project, but also keen to learn some new ones," explains Ciaran.


"We all learnt a lot during this project," says Steve.

"Not only about the enormous potential of 3D printing technology, but also how easy it can be to solve many problems with one solution.

We wanted a way to contribute socially, the blind school needed a problem solving and at the same time the challenge of finding meaningful activities for interested asylum seekers."


3D thinking indeed.


"We've taught ourselves several lessons, not least how powerful this new technology is.

We have some very strong ideas about how local life science startups could use it for prototyping and research in the lab.

We're looking forward to running some introduction workshops later this year."


Contact the team at Course Resource  to find out more about our 3D Printing workshops and how you could use this exciting technology.


Whisky and Whiskey Galore

Course Resource's sponsorship of the EMBL Alumni meetings climax with a fascinating Christmas whisky tasting.

We are always very happy to pass on our extensive knowledge of beer, wine and whiskey.


Our tutored tastings are the perfect way to kick-off any staff event. Choose from:

  Malt Whisky Tasting - a tour through the glens and highlands of Scotland

        Wines of Germany - from Riesling to Limberger, Franken to the Mosel

             German Beer - a trip across the country tasting regional highlights

Contact the team at Course Resource  to organise a tasting for colleagues and customers.